About us

Mittiprickteatern is one of the oldest independent theatre companies in Sweden – celebrates 50 years in 2024.

Mittiprickteatern was founded in 1974 and is one of the oldest independent theatre companies in Sweden.
For 50 years our goal has been to create performances for children of all ages and to inspire them to explore the endless possibilities of their imaginations.
We believe that theatre can be used as a tool to discover, understand and ultimately change the world.

Our shows are played on tour all over Sweden (sometimes internationally, we have toured in Spain, Norway, Finland, Russia and Zimbawe) as well as on our stages:
· Main stage – Påfågeln (which we share with Pantomimteatern)
· Small stage – Emågatan
We give about 300 performances a year.

Artistic directors:

Josefin Lennström – director
Magnus Munkesjö – director/actor
Rolf S. Nielsen – producer

Performances available for international touring:

Boll? Boll. Boll!

English: Ball? Ball. Ball!

Boll? Boll. Boll! is a fantastical, playful and physical theatre show about a dream-like world where everything is possible. Where soft building blocks and a small red ball suddenly can turn into a mouthwatering cake while a big one turns into a hot air balloon. A world where one single word can describe and express anything.
The constantly changing and moving scenography stretches, expands, folds and transforms in imaginative and creative ways as the story progresses.
The actors touch subjects such as friendship, jealousy, joy, anger and love in a playful manner that allows for own interpretation, abstract thinking and motivates creative expression.
With minimal use of language and through movement and music it inspires its audience to express themselves and challenge the way they think.

Boll? Boll. Boll! is designed to tour both nationally and internationally. It can easily be adapted to different kind of venues, schools, stages or festivals appealing to both youth and adults. We bring all the technology and equipment that the show requires. The performance communicates visually and is mostly non-verbal except for one word that easily can be translated into any language.

What the critics say:

”She has done it before, the director and playwright Josefin Lennström. This to defy the convention of what theatre for young children can and should be.”
”Boll? Boll. Boll! can be seen as a play for the eyes or as an art performance. It’s fun and totally unexpected, which is one of the important tasks of theatre art.”
”Boll? Boll. Boll! makes the preschool crowd cheer.”
Pia Huss, Dagens Nyheter

Boll? Boll. Boll! was selected as 2023’s best children’s theater performance by Dagens Nyheter’s reviewer Pia Huss!

Mysteriet på gården

English: The playground mystery

This is an exciting performance that is played outdoors on the preschool / school yard.

Three fairy tale archaeologists arrive to the school yard because they’ve heard that a fairy tale has taken place right here. A long time ago, long before there were houses and toys here. Now they need the children’s help to solve the mystery of which fairy tale it was. Together they must overcome obstacles and challenges.
The school yard becomes a desert, a castle, and a large forest and with courage and imagination they solve the mystery.

Mysteriet på gården is an interactive and playful open-air performance that has played over 300 times and has toured internationally.

Mysteriet på gården is designed to tour both nationally and internationally. It can easily be adapted to any kind of playground. We bring all the technology and equipment that the show requires. The performance is translated into Spanish and English.

What the teachers and kids say:

”Thanks for the fantastic show!”
Katarina Eriksson, teacher at Västra Brotorps kindergarten, Sundbyberg

”This was the best day of my life!”
Kid at kindergarten Mineralen, Älvsjö

”Fantastic performance! Both children and teachers are incredibly satisfied and it is by far the best theater we have experienced.”
Myrna Wahlström, teacher at kindergarten Ålö, Farsta

På gång

Biljetter till våra scener, förskola/skola
AnaMaria Suazo Swahn
072 542 90 10

Turné och uppsökande verksamhet
Anna Holmkvist
072 542 90 20

Konstnärlig ledare / regissör
Josefin Lennström
073 646 91 64

Konstnärlig ledare / regissör / skådespelare
Magnus Munkesjö
070 676 61 70

Konstnärlig ledare / producent
Rolf S. Nielsen
0739 31 00 84


Stora scen – Påfågeln
St Eriksgatan 84, Stockholm

Lilla scen – Emågatan
Emågatan 36, Bagarmossen

Kebnekaisevägen 7, 167 35 Bromma
08-15 33 12